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GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal

Main Features:

  • Adopt advanced microprocessor controlling circuit, run steadily. Capability is ascendant
  • Adopt high gains antenna. Signal is strong
  • Be applicable for GSM900MHz/DCS1800MHz/PCS 1900MHz
  • Call or called function can be set up flexibly
  • The functions of locking terminal, locking SIM card, locking network and locking cell can be set up conveniently.
  • The functions of prefix number routing, Time band routing can be set up conveniently
  • can add the DIGIT number according to number that user dialed
  • can set 10 quick dialing number ,20 free number ,30 barred number and 10 direct dialing number.
  • Function of displaying incoming calls.
  • Provide accurate anti-polarity signal for billing equipment to charge


Technical Specification:

  • Working condition
    - Environment temperature: 0~+50?
    - Relative humidity: 10%~95%
    - Air pressure: 86~106kpa
    - Environment yawp: ?60dB (A)
  • Working frequency: GSM900MHz/GSM1800MHz
  • Stability of frequency: better than 2.5PPM
  • Signal sensitivity: -103dBM
  • Transmit power: <2w
  • Power: 220v±15% AC
  • The max distance between terminal and telephone: 100M



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