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Edge router

The EDGE router 75 is a compact electronic device, which handles data transmission via GSM, GPRS and EDGE technology.

EDGE router is a router with Ethernet interface, which allows the connection of the PC or LAN in to Internet/Intranet via GSM/GPRS infrastructure.

EDGE router can be adjustable in several modes (please see the pictures on the next page):

1. Router - remote interconnection between the PC or LAN and Internet/Intranet
2. Bridge - remote interconnection between the Server and Internet/Intranet
3. GRE Tunnel - remote interconnection between the PC, Control systems or LANs

EDGE router is able to support the following functions:
1. DHCP: automatic IP addresses allocation
2. HTTP server: for remote configuration via web interface
3. NAT: address translation

EDGE router is also equipped with USB 2.0 Full Speed interface, which is designed just for the connection to a PC with OS Win 2000/XP. What you need to do it.s just install the driver from the CD.


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