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SIMCom presents a high performance and  reliable GNSS module-SIM68R. This is a standalone L1 frequency GNSS module in a SMT type with MTK’s high sensitivity navigation engine, which allows you to achieve the industry’s high levels of sensitivity, accuracy, and Time-to-First-Fix (TTFF) with lower power consumption.

Mechanical data
*Dimensions: 22.4*17*2.7mm
*Weight: 2g
*Package: SMT

*Serial interfaces:UART,I2C     
*Digital I/O  EINT0 input
         Pulse-per-second (PPS)

*Protocols    NMEA

Prformance data
*Receiver type  33tracking/99 acquisition-channel GNSS receiver
*Max update rate  10Hz
     Tracking     -167dBm
     Navigation   -157dBm    
     Cold starts  -148dBm
      Cold starts     28s
      Warm starts   26s
      Hot starts     <1s 
      EPO Assist:  13s(CTTFF)   
 Automatic Position3   <2.0m CEP

 EPO 30days DATA:1.99m
 Speed4:   0.1m/s      
*Operation temperature     -40? to +85 ?

Electrical data
*Power supply      2.8V~4.3V
*Power consumption2,5
     -Acquisition    34mA
     -Tracking        27mA
     -AlwaysLocateTM    <200uA          
*Antenna type        Active and passive    
*Antenna power       External or internal VCC_RF

Support product
*SIM68 EVB KIT with USB V2.0 full speed interface

1.Autonomous  ST-AGPS mode
2.Demonstrated in lab
3.All SV @ –130 dBm
4.50% 24 hr static, -130dBm
5. @3.3V with a passive antenna


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