SIM508Z GSM/GPRS and GPS „Two in One” module


SIM508Z is a RoHS compliant, CE certified, Tri-Band GSM/GPRS device equipped with GPS receiver. The compact design makes it easy to integrate SIM508 into applications with small space, e.g. handheld devices or other mobile applications. The modules are equipped with the most modern 20-channels GPS SirfSTAR III chip. Accuracy is 10m CEP, 1- 5 m DGPS. Protocols: NMEA-0183, Sirf binary, RTCM SC-104. Additional data: date WGS-84, Hot start <1s, warm start <38s, cold start <42s, low power consumption, ~200mW at 3.3V DC ±5%, memory: 4 Mb flash and 1Mb SRAM. GSM and GPS antennas can be reached via GSC (MXTK) connectors. Cable assemblies with any kind of connectors you can order from us. SIM508ZEVB kit costs 40 euro, which contains the development board with SIM holder, GSC(MXTK)-SMA cable assemblies (two pieces), GSM and GPS antennas, head set, two pieces of serial cables, and power adaptor. These are stock items. Please send your request to us.


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